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Safe and affordable iPSC will enable cell therapy for all


We will own iPSC* regenerative medicine products, services and technologies, the building block for a variety of human cells and tissue models for science, drug discovery, toxicology and therapy

*induced Pluripotent Stem Cell


A growing team will complete a BIRAC funded project realizing a novel cell culture medium platform replacing proteins with chemical compounds. This capability will enable development of affordable cell lines capable of meeting future therapeutic demands for safe stem cells plus provide research tools for a growing cellular ecosystem in India.



Cellagility Biomed has the capability to deliver a highly optimised safety service, externally benchmarked with audited assurance. A guarantee of our Safe-iPSC potential for future clinical use. If you are looking for alternative solutions for your product development and research, talk to our cell engineers for the latest in human cell sourcing tools and culture media.


Cellagility Biomed founded in 2018, incubated at the Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre has expanded collaboration to include both C-Camp, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms and IKP Knowledge Parks. This vibrant community is further strengthened through our partnership with SDM Medical College and the Central Research Laboratory’s excellent iPSC cell banking facility.
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Dr Vishwas Kaveeshwar

Scientific & Commercial Lead

Kouichi Hasegawa

Scientific Advisory Board

Rajiv Dixit

Science & Technical Advisor

Mr. Prashantkumar

Research Assistant

Amit Khanna

Advisory Board


Advisory Board

Roderick Stuart

Managing Partner