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Our mission is the delivery of ethically-approved, quality-controlled safe iPSC lines for medical research, affordable regenerative medicine and treatment. Cellagility Biomed will own iPSC regenerative medicine products, services and technologies, the building block for a variety of human cells and tissue models for science, drug discovery, toxicology and therapy.


iPSCs (Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells) serve as a “raw material” for therapy and research since they induce various organ-specific cells or tissues (retina, liver, heart, kidney, etc.).These cells play a vital role in future regenerative medicine, enabling disease modelling, drug discovery, testing and repurposing. Join Cellagility Biomed on a journey to derive, evaluate, store and supply iPSCs playing a role in driving economic growth servicing a new healthcare vision making stem cell treatments more accessible.



Cellagility Biomed has the capability to deliver a highly optimized safety service, externally benchmarked with audited quality assurance. A guarantee of our Safe-iPSC potential for future clinical use.

Improved Viability

Cellagility Biomed owns process backed by IP under development in culture medium and cryogenic storage capable of increasing post thaw viability.

Cost Efficiency

The processes designed and implemented by Cellagility Biomed offer an opportunity for a considerable reduction in cost for our clients.


Founded 2018, building a GMP lab in collaboration with the Bangalore Bio-innovation Centre, the founders combine Indian skills with Japanese scientific know-how and British quality assurance. A growing team is on schedule to complete facility verification and a proof of concept (POC). This will confirm our capability in Bengaluru to supply safe, viable and affordable iPSC lines, opening a source for bench-marked and ethically derived cells of international appeal.


Cellagility Biomed belives in collaboration for innovation.If you have the skills and motivation to work in a technology driven lifescience space, please get in touch with us, we would be glad to evaluate your profile for a role with us.


Our team

Dr. Vishwas Kaveeshwar

Scientific & Commercial Lead

Kouichi Hasegawa

Scientific Advisory Board

Rajiv Dixit

Science & Technical Advisor

Abhijan Ballalr

Research Associate

Amit Khanna

Advisor Strategy

Roderick Stuart

Managing Partner


Chemically defined and growth-factor-free culture system for the expansion and derivation of human pluripotent stem cells Nature Biomedical Engineering volume 2, pages173–182(2018)

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Press release- Culturing cheaper stem cells, a new combination of chemical compounds could lead the way to more cost-effective stem cell cultures – Kouichi Hasegawa, PhD, Scientific Advisor, Cell agility Biomed Private Limited

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Cellagility team participates in the SPIRITS International symposium- 2018 on “Multidisciplinary Approaches for Cell Control” at Kyoto University

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